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About Us

~ Aspiring to Serve, Inc. exists to provide high-quality, low-cost rental space to community service  organizations, thereby supporting them in their delivery of service to the community ~

Mission Statement…

Aspiring to Serve, Inc. exists to provide high-quality, low-cost rental space to community service  organizations, thereby supporting them in their delivery of service to the community.

Vision Statement…

Aspiring to Serve, Inc. is a leader in facilitating community services to those in need.

Looking to the Future...

Our pilgrimage isn't finished….we have encountered many turns and bumps in the road along the way which have been navigated through…and have had a team of many dedicated volunteers to keep this mission afloat.hummingbird Our new logo for the Aspiring to Serve mission is based on the symbolism of the incredible hummingbird and their propensity for being small but mighty, emulating their vigor and energy to work hard, sometimes while flying backwards. Their English name derives from the characteristic "hum", made by their rapid wing beats – hence symbolizing our volunteers goal to cheerfully move along with the pace. If you would like to join our mission, please contact an Aspiring to Serve board member or send us an email at

History of the Building

The property at 140 West Franklin Street was established as an industrial site in 1911 as the Hagerstown Legging Company. The company used leather  from a well known tannery in Williamsport to manufacture leggings, parts of horse harnesses and later in 1912, began making shoes. In 1914, a west wing was built and following that, an east wing was built in 1924. By 1939, there were two factories in operation with a production of 12,000 pairs of shoes per day or nearly 3 million per year and employed nearly 1,000 workers.  In 1950 a two-story Administration building was added and in 1968, the company became known as the Cannon Shoe Company.  The headquarters were moved to the Hagerstown location in 1977 and the company ceased operation in 1984 due to stiff import competition. The property stood idle until an offer for purchase was made to the church next door - Christ's Reformed United Church of Christ (est. 1854) - but it was not affordable to the congregation at that time. In June of 1997, an anonymous phone call was made to the senior minister, (Rev. Don Stevenson) that the building may be available to the church as a gift. After consistory approval, the church congregation almost unanimously voted "yes" to accept the generous gift, and as of July 1, 1997, the old shoe factory property was deeded to Christ's Reformed Church by the late Bennett Rubin.

Over the next two years (1997-1999), much energy, prayer and countless hours of discussion were devoted towards developing partnerships and a plan to utilize this gift for continuing God's work. In November of 1999, a plan was approved to renovate and demolish portions of the property and to secure non-profit tenants that serve human need and embraced a financial plan for needed revenue to operate the facility.

With our gift came a vision and a mission, which has been – and continues to be nurtured to bring us where we are today. The group named themselves Aspiring to Serve (ATS), Inc. as an autonomous organization formed and incorporated for the purpose of managing the property and the facility now named the Aspiring to Serve Community Center. We have made a significant improvement to our neighborhood and contributed to Hagerstown's revitalization goals.

Aspiring to Serve Board Members:

President & CEO - Charlotte Trout
Vice President -
Treasurer - Kathy Fisher
Secretary - Carol Ann Rossman


Property Manager - Martin Fisher
John Kessler
James Marshall
Linda Mason
Larry Sprankle
Branda Yeargan

Board Ex-Officos

Consistory President - Larry Hoeck
Church Property Committee - Tom VanMetre
CRC Minister - Rev. Mary Norville