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~ Aspiring to Serve, Inc. exists to provide high-quality, low-cost rental space to community service  organizations, thereby supporting them in their delivery of service to the community ~


One of the several advantages of leasing space is the convenient location in downtown Hagerstown. The location is just a few minutes from the I-81 interchange and there is a public transportation center just across the street from the Aspiring to Serve Community Center. Another benefit is that the cost to lease space is very competitive with other Hagerstown downtown locations, plus there is the added benefit of free parking provided for tenants.

Current and Past Tenants

Current tenants in the building are REACH Caregivers (Cold Weather Shelter), HHD Aviation LLC and Tranformation Church. The third floor is dedicated to REACH, which is a faith-based, non-profit organization that makes every attempt to fill unmet needs with volunteers and donations throughout the community, and also houses the cold weather shelter.
Past tenants include Star Community, Hagerstown Church, PSI, Court Appointed Special Advocates of Washington County, Washington County Commission on Aging, WIC, Resources for Independence, Teens Have Choices, Comunidad Latina De Washington County, Potomac Case Management and Related Services.

Spaces available for rent

The finished fourth floor space which features offices and a large meeting room is currently vacant and available for rent. You can view a short slideshow of this suite here.

In addition, there is some office space available on the first floor. Currently, these spaces would share a common room and entranceway with Transformation Church. You can view a short slideshow of this suite here.

The entire fifth floor, with 7,700 square feet available, is currently vacant and waiting for the right tenant. Though currently unfinished, there are beautiful views of the Hagerstown skyline and the spaces could be customized to meet any future tenants' needs. ATS is currently using grant money and donations to ready the space for prospective tenants.

Contact Information

The ATS building leasing is handled by the Board of Directors. Initial inquiries can be directed to Martin Fisher, Property Manager, who can be reached at 240-707-6521 or contact us at

If you are interesting in learning more about Aspiring to Serve, Inc., and it's mission, or would like to attend a meeting or join our organization, you may talk to any of our Board members or contact is at the phone number or email above.